Panera's bread bowls are warm, crispy and fluffy on the inside. Panera is now making one bread bowl that should not be eaten. It should be worn. That’s right it’s a bread bowl glove.

Panera is known for their bread bowls that hold soups and even pasta, now they are known for wearable bread bowls designed to hold hot and cold coffee or other beverages. This bowl glove has an opening both at the top for the cup and on the side so that one's hand can slip inside for optimal warmth. According to a brand spokesperson, Panera created this fun little accessory after conducting a survey that showed 78% of Americans don't let cold temperatures inhibit them from ordering iced coffee.

Tuesday through Friday, you can go to and fill out your information for a chance to win a free Iced & Toasty Bread Bowl Glove. Winners will be selected at random to receive one of the 450 limited-edition accessories made with a cozy cotton inside and polyester lining.

Wonder of Bernie Sanders will wear them…

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