It was a rough 2020, being cooped up in the house with the kids and maybe a husband or non-existent boyfriend, we get it. You need a Girls Night Out. We found one that may just make you want to get out with the girls, your co-workers or maybe even your mom and sisters.

This isn’t a Girls Night Out like a book and wine thing, or a lame Tupperware party that your grandmother arranged back in the day. This Girls Night Out is something that you and your girlfriends will create memories that will last a lifetime. And after this event your husband or boyfriend or the rando from down the street could have his mind blown, too.

We are talking about the Girls Night Out at the Dubai Nightclub at 900 East Amarillo Boulevard, Friday March 19, 2021 at 11:30 PM.  Here is what is promised:

GIRLS NIGHT OUT THE SHOW is an intensely exciting Sex God, Ab Party, that will drive you absolutely the best possible way of course! The Show is a Whirlwind of Sexy Goodness as these ripped Adonis Men bring down the house with a Mantas-tic Night of Fun & Excitement. Get ready for the BEST GIRLS NIGHT EVER! Whether you're celebrating a Birthday, Bachelorette Party, Divorce, Dirty Thirty or your Sheer Awesome Self; You will meet your party match with "GIRLS NIGHT OUT THE SHOW"!

There aren't many male revue shows that come through Amarillo, so make good of the opportunity while you can, my lovely femmes.

Unfortunately, ladies I had a previous appearance booked at poem reading event in Canyon and could not appear in the show, but I’m sure the other guys will be sufficient for your fancies and fantasies.

To find out more about this traveling male cabaret, check out their website here.

Don’t forget to make it rain. 😊

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