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Travelling Around Georgia Street Will Be A Nightmare
I have lived in Amarillo for a big portion of my life. I know how construction can be. It seems it is never over. It’s part of life that we jus have to deal with. Once it is done then in a certain area it gets better but while it is going on it can seem just the longest.
During The Pandemic, Texas Was A Top Spot To Move To
We've known for a while now that people were moving to Texas in large numbers. If you think a pandemic stopped that influx of people, you would be wrong.
According to Zillow, 11% of Americans moved in the past year, and many those sought out Texas, especially if they were coming from California.…
Middle School Bible Giveaway in Lubbock Needs to Stop
This morning there was a bible giveaway in front of Atkins Middle School.
Please think about this. Do you feel like it's someone else's job to tell your kids how to worship? Really, really think about that. If you have a religious preference, you probably have a certain way that you think t…

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