It's been great hearing about all the events finally starting to come back. Last year was such a disappointment with missing out on stuff that we got to do every year. We got used to all our go to events. We didn't know how to handle it.

So when I received a text message about the Amarillo Good Times Celebration Barbecue Cook Off I was excited. It is one of those things that really kick off our fall season. We really missed the entire Amarillo Downtown smelling of good barbecue. We missed getting our corn dripping in butter.

We won't have to miss it this year. According to the text I received it was happening. It will be their 25th. A big celebration. It's also considered "almost" annual. Since they missed last year. We get a do over.

credit: Amarillo Chamber of Commerce
credit: Amarillo Chamber of Commerce

The text also let us know that the location was going to change. Instead of Downtown Amarillo having the delicious barbecue smell it is going to move. The new location will be the Tri State Fairgrounds. That makes sense. There will be more area. If social distancing is still a thing by then there will be no problem. We all know how many people show up to the Thursday night barbecue. So this will be great.

The other big news is that it is moving dates. The Chamber Barbeque has always been  in September. As a mom I always counted it being around the time of my daughter's birthday. So hearing they were moving it made me slightly selfish and extremely happy. It is moving to October.

HERE is where you can get more information on the Amarillo Good Times Celebration Barbecue Cook Off

The big night that all of Amarillo will be there is October 7th. So put this on your calendar. Since it is a little different you don't want to miss it. Oh, I am so excited.

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