One landmark downtown stands above the rest, literally. The 31 story Chase Tower can be seen from miles around as Amarillo's tallest building. But we could soon be seeing the name Chase dropped from the building. Chase Bank announced that they will be moving out of the downtown property and focusing efforts on their branch at 5805 I-40 West. They say that a decrease in customer volume is the main reason for the move. They plan to vacate the downtown space by March 8th.

So the big question looms: what will the new name be that takes the top spot on the tower? Right now, no one is commenting, but it would seem that unless someone steps up to cover the cost of replacing the signage, that the cheapest option would be just to leave it as is and turn the lights off.

The tower has gone through a name change before. Formally known as the SPS Tower and Bank One Center, the Chase logos were installed in 2006.

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