Whew. The boys in blue found themselves embroiled in an unexpected game of cat-and-mouse last Thursday, January 12.

By all reports, around 2:30pm, officers with Amarillo Police Department attempted to serve an arrest warrant for an individual thought to be at a home in the 900 block of North Mississippi.

And came with serious back-up.

There were officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety on scene to assist along with their helicopter flying overhead. Additionally, video taken at the scene shows that APD's bomb squad truck was up front and center. And as it turns out, the extra reinforcement was needed.

Plans Are Worthless, Planning Is Priceless 

After an hour of banging on the doors and chucking in a couple of smoke bombs, officers made entry into the home.

Whoever the fella is, they sure weren't in the house they had surrounded for the better part of an hour.


Not to fret, officers found the suspect nearly two hours later. Hiding In a garage. On the same block. Or as APD stated: "In the same area."

Which, to be honest, I translate that into: "The same property."

Double whoops.

But seriously, please take a look at my marked up screenshot of perimeter set up by officers


See where the yellow scribbles are? That represents the literal wall of law enforcement officers facing the targeted house. If you're trying to tell me that someone was able to sneak away from the house when cops started banging on the door, and slip into someone else's garage undetected? Well....He's a wizard, 'Arry.

But this brings me to my next burning question.

Who The Hell Was the Suspect?!

I'm not getting into details, but rest assured that I have seen a police raid or two, and I've seen plenty of arrest warrants served. They came to serve that arrest warrant beefed up, like he's someone who's gotten into a scrap or two before when put in cuffs.

Outside agencies, bomb squad truck, smoke bombs, SWAT team raring to go.

Who the hell was this suspect?! Would APD not be thrilled to announce that they bagged another sneaky bad boy? What gives?

I got too curious for my own good and went poking around the available resources. And so far I've narrowed it down to two contenders. However, I am a respectable man (kind of) and as a result, I'll just have to sit on my picks until APD releases the info.

Stay tuned.

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