Here's an athlete everyone can root for.

Last weekend, the University of Kansas had an alumni football game for men who played  football at the school.

The star of the game? Without question it was Bryan Sperry, an 89-year-old who knifed his way through the defense for the most feel-good touchdown you'll ever see.

Sperry, who suited up for the Jayhawks from 1946-1948 looks like he's having a blast as the other players go along and let him score before mobbing him with congrats. He still looks pretty agile, too, and his smile could light up the scoreboard even more than his scamper into the end zone.

Sperry, who played in the school's 1948 Orange Bowl appearance, won't soon forget the experience. He said, "The guys did a great job today. They helped me out every way they could, you know. I had a lot of fun after I convinced them that I could play."

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