Children's Miracle Network is an unbelievable organization, performing miracles everyday.

If you do any sort of research on Children's Miracle Network, (CMN) you will be blown away, with how far they have come, and what all they have done. 30 years ago children and young people with terrible illnesses such as Cancer, Sickle Cell Anemia, AIDS, and even lung and heart transplants, had no where to go and faced beyond doubtful odds. But now Children's Miracle Network has changed the face of Children's healthcare in our Nation and in the Texas Panhandle.

Children's Miracle Network was nationally established in 1983. That is when they set out on this mission to help kids with these illnesses. They also wanted to give them hope and a better tomorrow, and they have.

Children's Miracle Network treats 17 million kids a year. Lets put that in perspective shall we? I was born in 1993 exactly ten years after CMN started. So in my eighteen years of life, Children's Miracle Network has helped over 300 MILLION kids and young people. And that is not counting all of the families, and loved ones of these children they have touched and supported along the way.

But sadly that's not enough. Even though CMN is the BEST and most active children's hospital in the world, there are still a lot of sick kids and hurting loved ones out there. That is why 96.9 Kiss Fm and Mix 94.1 team up with Children's Miracle Network every year to raise money and awareness! So for the next 48 hours we will be doing our annual Radiothon interviewing kids and families,  and getting a insiders view on CMN and how they have helped.

Tommy The Hacker will be at West Gate Chevy, at I-40 and Coulter, up in the air over a 100 feet, starting at midnight tonight, til when ever we meet our goal!!

If you would like to learn more about Children's Miracle Network visit here.

Or if you would like to donate now. Text "GOOD" to 90999 or call 1806-212-9168
All you donations stay right here in the Texas panhandle.

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