I love Christmas.  It is one of my favorite holidays for many different reasons, but isn't August a little too early to start selling decorations?

This past weekend I was out shopping and I saw a store putting out their Christmas decorations.  It is barely August.  We still have two other holidays before Christmas.  So what is the deal?

Well I took it upon myself to ask a nice associate at Hobby Lobby, where decorations have been on sale since the beginning of July.  Her response, "I don't really know.  They say its for the 'slow' crafters who make a lot of their own decorations."

Slow crafters? Hmm.  I guess I wouldn't really know how long it takes to hot glue a bow on a wreath, but six months sounds ridiculous.  Now this is just my opinion, but if I'm trying to enjoy my summer I don't want Christmas shoved down my throat.

Christmas use to be about family and celebrating the birth of Jesus, now it is about the best gifts and decorations.  What do you think?  Is July to early to start selling Christmas stuff or are you starting to buy decorations already?  Please share.

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