What an awful thing to hear about especially on Christmas.  3 children and 2 adults, the children's grandparents,  died Christmas morning in a house fire in Stamford, CT.  The home's owner, New York advertising executive Madonna Badger, and a male friend of hers were able to escape the fire, unfortunately the 5 others couldn't.

Neighbors were awoken by the screams of help coming from the entire family both outside the house and even from inside the blazing house.  Attempts to get in were made by some of the neighbors, but things were just so bad already it would've just sent them to their deaths as well.

The sounds of emergency vehicles filled the streets for hours while a neighborhood sat and watched a house burn to the ground with 5 innocent people inside it.

The neighbors describe the family as friendly and loving and people that love to help others.

On a day when we usually celebrate life and family, an entire neighborhood was mourning the loss of a family in this Connecticut town.

The house was undergoing renovations that were not yet completed and the police believe the tragic accident was related to a fireplace in the home, not the result of foul play.

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