Get Your Brain Going With A Fun Brain Teaser
Sometimes when we wake up it takes a while for our brains to get going, especially if you didn't get enough sleep.  Well instead of starring at your computer and being unproductive, why not wake your brain up with a fun brain teaser.
96.9 KISS-FM Amarillo, TX Launches A Brand New Morning Show!
Well, as you know, Bobby Bones has gon' country.  Say what!?  Yeah, and with the loss of the Bobby Bones Show, myself, Angel Dee and Tommy The Hacker all went on a hunt looking for greatness!  We knew that we couldn't find a show just as good as Bobby's, we needed to find something better!  Why repl…
Christmas Morning House Fire Kills Five in Connecticut
What an awful thing to hear about especially on Christmas.  3 children and 2 adults, the children's grandparents,  died Christmas morning in a house fire in Stamford, CT.  The home's owner, New York advertising executive Madonna Badger, and a male friend of hers were able to…