You learn something new every day. Or maybe it's really you are reminded of something you once knew. Case in point the Wienerschnitzel on the Boulevard had closed down. When exactly I am not sure. A few months ago.

It went from being 'temporarily closed" to having for-sale signs up. So pretty permanent.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Me

I was then taken back to May 22, 2016. This trip took me back six years ago to this same Wienerschnitzel located at 600 E Amarillo Blvd. That was when an episode of Undercover Boss aired.

Yes, Undercover Boss

I was reminded about this episode. Yes, I watched it but I forgot.

I think that was the one on Undercover Boss. - Angela

Yes, that same location was featured on the show. The CEO of Weinerschnitzel, Cindy Galardi Culpepper, made the trip to Amarillo for Undercover Boss' 100th episode. It's sad to see that six years later this restaurant is gone.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here is the original story our stations did back when the episode aired HERE.

At the end of the episode, Culpepper awarded TJ Westbrook, of Amarillo, Texas, full ownership of the franchise that Westbrook and his girlfriend operate, equivalent to more than $500,000 in value.

Where is TJ Westbrook Now?

So I reached out to Westbrook to see where that episode took him. With the sad news that the Amarillo Boulevard location he was at closed. Be on the lookout for my follow-up six years in the making.

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