Some parents in Amarillo are saying that they are allowing coed slumber parties. Not just little kids but tweens and teens too.  One set of parents told said they had a set of twins. One boy and one girl. So this is how they did it. It starts off like a normal party get together. Both the boys and girls play games and hang out together.

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The boys go into one room for the night and the dad supervises them. They might watch a movie or something before bed time.

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The Mom does the same with the girls. She keeps them entertain with something else till it's bedtime.

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The next day, everyone has breakfast and parents come to pick up their kids. Basically, they are having two slumber parties at once. They say it's a lot of fun but they get to have fun with all of their friends. What do you think? Would you do this? Would you let your kids go to one?  If you have done it, how did it go? Tell us in the comments section below. Tweet me @teamdbnyce or follow me on Facebook by clicking here.