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Ahhhh coffee. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to function in the morning. Problem is, I haven’t found a convenience store that actually has good coffee. So where can we find a better cup of joe than the gas station on the corner? Here’s a few spots to consider.

Pancake Station

Here’s a good place to start. Not too overpowering with just the right punch of caffeine to get my day started. It doesn’t overpower the flavor of my Eggs Benedict, which is important, and it always seems to kick in right when I need it to.


So it’s not that they have a BAD cup of coffee, it just doesn’t seem to be much better than a convenience store to me. It’s not terrible by any stretch, but it’s not my first choice if I’m looking for a better cup of coffee. It does the job however, and I’d still stop in here to grab a to-go cup before heading into my local gas station.

Donut Stop

Here’s the problem with coffee from a donut shop, they ALL taste pretty good when you have a nice glazed donut to go with it. Something about coffee and donuts go together like orange juice and champagne, they just meld together beautifully. That said, Donut Stop will get you a better cup of coffee just as fast as stopping at the convenience store, and for that, I’m appreciative.


Call me crazy, but out of all the coffee on this list, McDonald’s is the one I prefer above all. Not to mention the convenience of it, but they actually seemed to take the time to find some solid coffee beans to use, which is more than I can say for some other places. A rich flavor, strong aroma and purchasable in a grocery store (yeah, I buy it from there too) puts this one at the top of my list if I’m looking for a better cup of coffee than the closest convenience store.

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