Word has started spreading about a recent burglary at Ye Olde Pancake Station in Amarillo via social media. It's heartbreaking to see businesses that are already hurting during the pandemic dealing with things like this as well.

According to a post we found on Facebook, the suspect used a chunk of asphalt to smash a window to gain entry.

The post then goes on to say that the suspect then smashed the register before leaving through the front door, and that it was around $4,000 in damages done. You can see the post below.

I can't believe that someone would rob Ye Olde Pancake Station, of all places. It just seems like an odd target. Not that there is such a thing as a "good target."

As I was reading through the comments, there were other stories about burglaries taking place in town. It's infuriating and heartbreaking to see.

If you have any information regarding this burglary, reach out to authorities. Also, everyone needs to be a little extra aware during these times. My social media news feeds are filling up with stories about thefts and burglaries.

Be safe. We'll get through this together.



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