With Memorial Day weekend here, it means a critical time for emergency blood providers, and the Coffee Memorial Blood Center is the biggest provider in all of West Texas!  Serving the entire Texas Panhandle, Coffee always finds themselves in a crunch during holiday weekends.  So please if you have some time today or tomorrow, give the gift of life, donate blood!  Save a neighbor this Memorial Day!

The Coffee Memorial Blood Center is in desperate need of O- blood type.  O- is the most precious of blood types, because it is a universal blood.  Meaning, people of all blood types can receive O-.  So they are urging all people that are blood type O- to go and donate.

It takes about 30 minutes of your time, but the reward is eternal!

Blood is such a sacred thing, it really does save lives!  In one way or another, you know somebody who is alive today thanks to blood donors!

And with it being a holiday weekend, they have very little time to stock up for emergencies that may take place over the weekend.

Think about it, how many people are going to the lake this weekend?  How many people are going to be traveling this weekend?  The risk for traffic accidents is high this weekend, making the need for blood even higher!

All eligible O- blood type donors, and first time donors, will each receive a free movie pass for the UA Theater.  There's a lot of good, new movies out right now!  MIB-3, Avengers and lots more!  So getting that ticket alone makes it worth it!

All eligible donors of any blood type will each receive a free Wheel of Revolution t-shirt, and be entered in a drawing for a Cruiser Bike from Sun Adventure Sports (each bike values at $500, winners will be drawn on May 31st).

It's super easy to do, and it doesn't cost you a thing!  You make more blood!  To be able to give a part of yourself and save another human being, that is stellar!  I applaud all those who make it out to donate for Memorial Day weekend!

I especially want to call out the graduating High School students!

What a way to kick off your long weekend, your Summer, your adult life!  Give blood!  Then, when all your friends are bragging about the parties they crashed this weekend, you can be the one to say "I donated blood"!

Be that stand out person in your group!  Be the first to step up and say "yes I will!"

Trust me, I've been through a lot in my life, and nothing brings me more satisfaction than when I donate blood!

Do it in honor of a friend or family member, do it to feel better, do it because your bored, do it because you care :)

The Coffee Memorial Blood Center is located at 7500 Wallace Blvd. and is open May 25th till 4pm and Saturday, May 26th from 8a-12n.

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