Have you had Covid before? Do you have the antibodies? Sometimes you just don't know. I felt sick at one point. It wasn't bad enough to go to the doctors. Did I have Covid? Maybe.

Do You Have the Antibodies Already?

Could I possibly have the anti-bodies in my system already. I really possibly could. So how could you find out if you wanted to know. There is a really easy way. Oh and it can help a lot of other people too.

I am talking about making a trip to Coffee Memorial Blood Center - 7500 Wallace Boulevard and give blood. While you make that donations they will test you for the Covid antibodies. They have been doing this for awhile but they are going to extend this service.

Coffee Memorial is Extending Their Antibody Testing

So if you haven't gone by you will have a little bit more time.

Back by popular demand... COVID-19 antibody testing for donors has been extended through Sunday, February 6th, while supplies last. This test detects antibodies from either natural infection or vaccine response. Schedule your donation today by calling 806-331-8833.

credit: Coffee Memorial Blood Center
credit: Coffee Memorial Blood Center

So not only will you get your answer but you can help others here in the Texas Panhandle. Of course you will feel great doing that. It only takes about an hour to go through the process of giving blood.

So you can spend your lunch break and feel good about saving lives. You can call or schedule your appointment HERE.

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