If you can make it by the Coffee Memorial Blood Center to give the gift of life, it would be greatly appreciated!  Recent traumas have depleted the blood supply, and our area is in immediate need of O+, O-, A+ & A- blood types!  If you have one of these types, please go by 7500 Wallace Blvd and give the gift of life!  With each person that donates, that's just 1 more life saved!

You will be rewarded for your courage!  June is National Dairy Month. Coffee Memorial has teamed up with Dairy Max, Plains Dairy, and Blue Bell Ice Cream to help celebrate!

Any eligible donor that goes to the blood center and presents to donate will receive a free t-shirt, a cute little cow stress ball, a gallon of milk, a pint of ice cream, and you'll be entered to win a free year supply of milk!  When you think about it, milk costs more per gallon than gas does. That will definitely be a big help with your grocery budget there!

It's summer, and donations always slow down in summer. The flip side of that is usage goes up!  Kids are out of school and people are taking vacations, participating in outdoor activities, and taking part in other dangerous activities.  The fact is, we need to get the donations before the trauma happens!

So drop by and tell them KISS-FM sent you!  Save a life. Give the gift of life!  Donate blood!  It doesn't cost you anything, you will make more blood, they'll make sure you're in the proper health conditions to donate so you're not at risk, and you'll just feel great knowing you gave a part of yourself to save another human being. :)

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