When you give blood you do it to save a life.  You don't know whose life you save, but you do it to make a difference.  When you receive blood, you don't know who gave it.  You don't know who took an hour out of their day to donate to save your life.  You owe your life to a stranger you may never get to thank.   Until now.

The Coffee Memorial Blood Center has launched a new program called Thank-the-Donor.   It's a program where the blood recipient can thank the person who donated the blood that saved their life.

Here's how it works:

  • Just log onto thankthedonor.org
  • Take a picture of the Donor Identification Number on the bag of the blood you or your loved one is receiving or key in the numbers on to the website.
  • Send a message of thanks, it can remain anonymous or you can include a picture if you choose.

You also have the option to also include Coffee Memorial, the hospital and Coffee Memorial's Social media in the thank you.

This is a great way to let the donors know how important their blood donations are, especially when they know their blood did go to save a life.

Blood cannot be created or manufactured in a lab.  It can only be donated by people who want to make a difference in the lives of patient.

If you are a blood recipient, please take a moment and thank your donor.

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