It's the most infuriating thing on the planet for police and families.

No, I'm not talking about someone's house getting broken into, although that would be infuriating.

I'm talking about violent crimes. Assault, rape, murder. While law enforcement does an incredible job in tracking down those people that commit these crimes, there are always a few that they just can't seem to find enough evidence on.

Those suspects continue to roam the streets, either living their life quietly by not drawing attention to themselves or being stupid and continuing to commit different crimes.

Now, those that have gotten away with something for say 30-40 years may start to live in fear of getting caught.

Thanks to a new federal law passed by President Biden, agencies are being required to go back and look into these cold cases by utilizing new technology that has popped up over the years.

One case that immediately came to mind in Texas when this law passed was the murder of four young women in an Austin yogurt shop. The shop was robbed, and the girls were raped and then killed when the suspect set the building on fire.

Because of the fire, it destroyed a lot of potential evidence that could've led them to the suspect. They do have a partial DNA profile on the suspect, but they said it was only enough to eliminate suspects, not incriminate them.

With the new technology since then, they'll be able to utilize it and go back with the partial DNA profile and re-run it. There is now the possibility of this suspect being found some 30 years later.

Take a look at some of the Amarillo cold cases that COULD find new life because of this law below.

Unsolved Murders of Amarillo, Texas

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If you have any information or if you know something, call Amarillo Crime Stoppers at 806-374-4400. 

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