Cotton is used in many of the products we buy, Jeans, jackets and the blankets we use. Therefore, where a bad cotton harvest happens, the price in the store usually increases. Low rain falls in recent years hurt the farmers for little.

Whichever, this year we've had more rain in the past few months then in a whole year. Now the initial predictions are better than expected with this season for cotton can be great for all.


Field experts learned since the crop was planted. Still in it's early stages,which can withstand these Texas temperatures and the high winds. Many of farm experts worried about this years cotton crop, they were predicting if we didn't get enough rain for our area there be a short in cotton.

This rain, Experts say "consumers won't see a drastic decrease in prices at the stores. Even if the prices did climb, a pair of jeans wouldn't likely increase for consumers to even notice". Thank you God for the rain for our area, after the all the fires around our area this year.

Although there is no potential for prices to go up, but there is no need to worry just yet.

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