What if the tornado sirens sound and you're at home with no basement or any other shelter too go to? Many homeowners are turning to this option. They are choosing to install tornado shelters in or around their house.

There are several ways to protect your family at home during a tornado. These safe rooms can be added above ground, below the ground,even in your backyard or garage. With different space options for big or small families, these are great ways to keep your family safe.

Hiding in a bathtub or in room can be okay in some storms, but with big tornadoes like they just had in Oklahoma, you might better off being in a structure designed for tornadoes. The best shelter for your home is one that can withstand  EF-5 tornadoes, which has winds in excess of 250 miles per hour.

Adding a tornado shelter to your home is a big investment, and it's important to ensure that it has been tested for your family's safety from a certified company. Now if you are wanting to head down that path to purchase a shelter, also keep in mind that a GPS or some kind indicator on the shelter could help in recovery efforts. There might not be much left to locate where your shelter is after a tornado.


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