If you have a sweet tooth, then you are going to love this new business coming to Amarillo.   Your inner Cookie Monster is going to be screaming, COOKIES!

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Rumors were circulating that we were going to be getting a new business called Crumbl Cookies.   So in all my curiosity I reached out to Crumbl and asked directly.

Is Crumble opening up a store in Amarillo?

Maddy emailed me back:

Thanks for reaching out, we are excited to come to Amarillo!
That specific location is scheduled for sometime mid February.
Just a heads up due to Covid-19 sourcing has been an issue in the food industry, and therefore we are trying our hardest to get our stores ready and prepared to open.
Watch out on our social platforms for any updates.
I hope you have a SWEET day!

Oh Maddy I will have a SWEET day!  You just made me one happy girl.

What is Crumbl?

Two cousins decided to go into baking together.  After many failed attempts they finally found the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe and wanted to share that with the world.  From that chocolate chip cookie their menu grew and grew and continues to grow.

Now they are sharing their deliciousness with Amarillo.

What  flavors does Crumbl Cookies offer?

The unique thing about Crumbl Cookies is they offer a weekly rotating menu.  Not only does this give them an opportunity to showcase some of their new cookies, but it gives you an opportunity to experience the goodness of all their different flavors.  As they say on their website,

"don’t worry, our famous Milk Chocolate Chip will always be available for you to enjoy!"

Flavors (these change weekly):

Neapolitan- Chocolate and Vanilla cookies stacked together and topped with strawberry frosting.

Cinnamon Swirl- vanilla sugar cooking with a cinnamon sugar layer and topped with w swirl of cream cheese frosting.

Frozen Hot Chocolate - cocoa cookie that's topped with swirls of mousse flavored like hot chocolate topped with marshmallows.

Keep in mind some of their cookies are served warm and some are served chilled.

Not only do they serve these amazing cookies, they also offer Crumbl Cream and Crumbl Cookie Cups.

How can you tell when someone has Crumbl Cookies?

You can always tell when someone walks in with Crumbl Cookies?  Their signature pink oblong box allows them to pack their cookies side-by-side perfectly.

Oh and did you know, you can order online and have your cookies delivered?  Can you imaging afternoons in workplaces all over Amarillo.  "Hey you wanna order Crumbl Cookies? Sure!"

Can I just say I cannot wait to try these cookies.  Their Grand Opening cannot get here fast enough.

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