Chalk up a win for Kazaam!  Although that movie sucked out loud, Shaquille  O'Neal just took home a big win in court.  You may or may not know this, but a man was actually trying to extort money out of him, claiming he had a sex tape showing Shaq' getting it on with several different women, all during his marriage to Shaunie O'NealI'm not going to sit here claiming to know that Shaq is an honest guy and has never done anything wrong, but this guy's story is just way to wild to be true.

His name is Robert Ross, who also claims that after he went public with the news of the video he had in his possession, Shaq sent 7 gang members to his house, who then tried to beat the video out of him.

From TMZ:

Ross claimed 7 gang members kidnapped him at the direction of Shaq and tried to beat him into submission so he would cough up the video.

Today in court -- in the middle of the preliminary hearing -- the D.A. shocked the courtroom, stating they no longer had confidence in Ross based on his testimony and his actions outside of court.

Why did they lose confidence?  I think it can all be summed up by the fact he flat out said on his first day in court that he lied about having the tape!  OMG are you kidding me!  Why is there people in this world that are willing to LIE AND WRECK A GOOD MARRIAGE so they can get money?  That's what it's all about!  Ross lied about the tape, putting Shaq's marriage in jeopardy, so that he could see some kind of financial gain!  And believe me it happens on all levels, I can honestly tell you THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME PERSONALLY!

So to wrap this up I would like to say this.  Don't go around spreading rumors and allegations that aren't true just so you can come up some how!  The truth will ALWAYS come out!  And when it does, you are going to look even stupider then you already do.  So when you have a thought, just let it go.  Don't go around saying things that aren't true because you think it's going to benefit you somehow.  Some mother's out there need to teach their children better if you ask me!

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