An absolutely shocking and sad story out of Dalhart, TX about a baby found in a Dumpster.  This baby boy was found in the 1800 block of Oak Drive by a resident who lives in the area. A guardian angel was watching over this newborn baby, officials say was delivered at 35 weeks, found alive, covered in dirt and maggots!

The baby was taken to Northwest Texas Hospital yesterday (Sunday, July 13) morning and is in critical condition in Northwest's neonatal intensive care unit.

Police have arrested 21-year-old Shonnie Smalley and charged her with endangerment of a child.

Sheila sent us this message on Facebook:

"21 yr old mom threw her baby in the trash in the alley in Dalhart...  She was only charged with child endangerment and has a 50,000 bond.  Haven't seen it on the news, just trying to get the story out.  The poor baby is in Amarillo I think at Northwest in critical condition"

Here's more from Pro News 7

I've heard rumors of this, among other similar incidents, sparking up the possibility of a "baby drop off" coming to the Texas Panhandle.  Known as the "Safe-haven Law" or "Baby Moses Law", it decriminalizes the leaving of an unharmed infant with statutorily designated private persons so that the child becomes a ward of the state.

"Safe-haven" laws typically let parents remain nameless to the court, often using a numbered bracelet system as the only means of linking the baby to the parent. Some states treat safe-haven surrenders as child dependency or abandonment, with a complaint being filed for such in juvenile court. The parent either defaults or answers the complaint."

The investigation continues as police search for other people that may have been involved in this horrible crime.

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