Hey ya'll...Dash for Cash is buzzing around town and some people are getting close to where the cash is at. Today Angel Dee had a surprise for us by adding a $150 gift certificate to Dillards to the $400 that hidden somewhere out there in the city. It's going to be a great weekend to look for Dash for Cash so make sure to be hydrate and have pack some sunscreen.

Check out today's Dash for Cash clue times:


Clue #1 time - 8:30 am

Clue #2 time - 11:35 am

Clue #3 time - 4:15 pm


Clue #1 time - 7:45 am


06/05/15 re-cap clue #1

$400 can can be an extra payday, The national holiday is a stop on the way...