David Guetta proves that even nerds know how to get down in his new video for ‘The Alphabeat,’ which he teased last week.

Guetta rides an elevator with a nerdy looking elevator attendant, then exits. Where does he head? To a club, of course!

Guetta is surrounded by dancing revelers, and we get a glimpse at the floor under his feet, rife with wires, circuits and beams leading into glowing light fixtures. Almost everything glows, seemingly energized by the power of the music and dancers. Did we mention there are glow-in-the-dark jump ropes? Seriously, where can we get one of those?

The camera loses sight of Guetta for a while and instead follows a gorgeous blonde in what looks like a futuristic golf-cart-meets-Smart-Car as she drives around the city. She eventually arrives at the club and meets up with some equally pretty pals, and they meet the nerdy guy from the elevator outside its doors. They drag him inside, much to his chagrin, and dance with and smooch him in — once again — an elevator.

Once everyone is inside the club, there’s an amazing party — a girl crowd surfs on a raft! Guetta finally gets to the DJ booth, which starts to spark and glow with electricity. Our nerdy pal wanders around outside, gazing about. Eventually he makes his way in and dances up a storm … but he leaves pretty quickly. See why in the clip below!

Watch David Guetta, ‘The Alphabeat’ Video

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