New music so good it'll make you wanna slap yo momma!  Rate the Music on 96.9 KISS-FM!  We're getting funky with the new Capital Cities.  We've hopped on the Austin Mahone band wagon and this new David Guetta with Akon & Neyo is all over the airwaves too!  You ready to Rate the Music?

I'm starting off with this awesome new song from Capital Cities called Safe and Sound!  I could put this song on repeat and listen to it over and over again and not even begin to be mad!  I wanna carve the title into a bowling ball and drop it on my foot repeatedly so the title is forever etched into my skin!

The French phenomenon is back!  David Guetta teams up with Neyo and Akon once again for a the new single Play Hard.  A very familiar sound comes through as it samples the 1998 hit from Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone.

It's not Justin Bieber part 2 folks!  It's Austin Mahone!  He's young, dumb, and full of hits!  After opening up for Taylor Swift on her Red Tour, the kid has just exploded all over the music scene.  Making noise all over I-Tunes and Facebook and now on 96.9 KISS-FM!  Catch he new single What About Love on KISS!

Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to give us your most valued opinion on the music!  We really do look at this and base judgment off it.  So your vote in the polls truly makes a huge difference!

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