While it was another day spent inside at Help 4 The Holidays thanks to the rain, it was a relatively successful day. It didn't seem to deter you from coming out and donating items to help those in need.

Our focus for the day was wrapped around getting some toys for the kids as well as diapers. We started the day relatively light on those things, but ended the day in better shape than we started it.

I wanted to highlight a few people that came through yesterday because they came through pretty clutch for the community, and I felt it would be good to show the strength of this community.

Linda rolled through not once, but twice, and donated roughly 30 coats to the drive, not to mention a good chunk of men's clothing. Then she came back with some shoes about 45 minutes later.

James is a resident of Kansas, doesn't even live here, and was listening when he heard we needed some toys and sports balls. He showed up with several different types of balls along with some other toys.

Ken popped in with a stack of toys and board games along with a couple of big, warm blankets. He hit up a discount store and was able to really make his dollar go far to help multiple people.

Many others came through and donated throughout the day, while a couple of people found out about the drive thanks to our friends at KAMR Local 4 who have been nothing short of amazing helping cover the event for us. Those who saw it on the news came through with stacks of stuff.

So here we are, day 5 and starting to head into the home stretch...and we still have so much we need to get. A big weekend is what it's going to take to make sure our community gets all the help they so desperately need.

Our focus today is going to be kids clothing, on top of toys and diapers. We have plenty of adult clothing, so thank you for that. We need to focus on the kids. We're talking all sizes, newborn, toddler, all the way up to young teens. Those clothes are paramount for us to get our hands on for these non-profits.

Let's make this an incredible Friday so we can roll into the weekend in a major way. Thanks for everything you do.

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