Some people call it taboo, some call it completely acceptable. Others would say you're a borderline alcoholic if you participate in this particular activity.

Day drinking. Now, it seems that a lot of places will promote day drinking on the weekends, especially on Sundays with brunches. Get your mimosa or bloody mary now! What about during the week though? Is it really THAT bad of a thing?

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If you do it EVERY day, well maybe it's a bad thing, but there's a lot of different factors that go in to day drinking. First thing to think about is those that work an overnight type of shift. When they get off work at say 9 am, it's technically their 5 pm, so who's to say they can't pop a couple of cold ones?

What about those who feel like just taking a random day off from work and need a break? If I want to go to the bar at 10 am, should I be shamed for it? No, not really.

However, are there any truly GOOD places to go and do some day drinking in Amarillo? If I'm going to do it right, there's only two ways to do it. One, find me a sports bar that I can sit at for hours just watching different games or matches while eating some appetizers and knocking down some cold ones.

No sports on? Then find me a outdoor patio or rooftop bar type of place where I can take in the rays and just relax.

We have quite a few places in town where I can achieve the sports bar vibe. Texas Firehouse, House Divided, Walk On's, etc. But what about those places where I can sit out on an open patio or rooftop? Those places feel like they're few and far between.

You could land at Crush or Six Car, pretty sure those places have rooftops, but where else can I head to that have a similar setting? Sound off, because I'm thinking a random day off work to do just this is in the cards for me very soon.

And yes, you can come join me if you wish. No judgment here.

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