Here we sit, day three of Help 4 The Holidays. Today is the coldest day of the drive so far with highs only expected to hit the low 40s.

No difference, we're still here as we crank away at the need for our community this holiday season.

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We still need SO many items from the list (that you can find here). With 20 local non-profits needing all of our help, we won't rest until we get everything they need for the people they help. Remember, these people could be your neighbors, your friends, or even a family member that isn't letting on about how bad things are.

WIth today only reaching the low 40s, it's a reminder of how much we can take heat and staying warm for granted. Some can't afford a coat to stay warm, some don't have the money to pay the heating bill. So with that, our focus all day is going to be on warm clothing.

Of course, everything on the list is a need and we will happily take ANYTHING you bring us off the list.

This clothing can be gently used as long as it's in good condition. Coats, hats, gloves, socks, etc. We also need a lot of underwear for all ages and sex. We'll keep you updated right here all day long.

6:15 am: We're here setting up the tent and it's amazing just how cold it is. The temperature gauge says it's 18 degrees out. Wind chill is currently 9 degrees. It's cold.

6:52 am: We haven't even cracked the mic and we've gotten our first donation of the day! I get a feeling today is going to be a VERY good day.

8:35 am: Donation number two for the day has arrived. A very nice and warm comforter along with a few other items have been dropped off. That's something I failed to mention earlier. The need for bedding sets and things like comforters is big. We could definitely use a lot more of that.

9:52 am: Melissa went to run a couple of errands and when she came back, she was holding a bag of sippy cups and some diapers that were given to her for the drive. That's pretty impressive Amarillo! Let's keep it rolling!

9:59 am: We've had a couple of questions about how local businesses can get involved more than just bringing a few items by. If you're looking to do something big, you can Adopt an Agency. If you want to come out and give us an idea of how much you want to spend, we can give you a list that an agency gave us and you can knock off an entire list for us!

10:02 am: Big shoutout to Jace who just dropped off four huge boxes of diapers for us. That's going to be a huge help for a few of our agencies. Thanks Jace! Let's keep it moving Amarillo!

11:32 am: The wind is starting to pick up a bit out here. The tent walls are starting to whip around on us, and we're hoping the tent stays grounded. It was already cold enough out here, but that wind isn't helping anything. You can warm us up by bringing something out on your lunch break.

1:06 pm: The wind is still whipping around making it even colder here, but thanks to Art for stopping by and dropping off a donation! It's the first one we've had in about three hours and it definitely brought a smile to our faces. Who's next? Let's start a run!

1:29 pm: Big thank you to Mary who just stopped by to drop off some hygiene items as well at paper towels and toilet paper! All these things are on the list and needed. Thank you Mary! We've had to drop down the front of the tent due to the wind, so even if it looks like we're closed for business, we're not! Just duck your head a bit as you come in!

5:09 pm: It's been a bit since we've had a chance to update, but that's partially because our hands have been tied...literally. The wind has been relentless since around noon and it's gotten bad enough to where the tent will end up on I-40 if we don't hold it down. We need you! No, not to hold down the tent, but to bring some donations. We know it's cold, you don't even need to get out of your car. Just pull up to our big red tent and one of us here will come to you!

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