Dennis Rodman has an ambitious agenda planned for his time in Vatican city: riding around in the Popemobile, creating peace deals with the newly elected pontiff and, you know, just basically being Dennis Rodman.

TMZ recently caught up with Rodman and asked him about his new job, staying in the public eye and pretending he can broker peace between anyone and anyone.

"You just tune in and see what I'm doing. It's amazing that I'm doing all these great historical things now ... Everyone wants to hear what I have to say," Rodman proclaimed while breezing through the Miami airport yesterday (March 12).

As for his plans when he arrives in Rome, Rodman teased the impossible by saying, "I think you gonna see me in the Popemobile doing my thing,” and added that his favorite Pope is John Paul II because “he's pretty much a pimp ... he's speaking like 20,000 different languages."

After mentioning that Kim Jong Un showed him the frozen bodies of his father and grandfather (that's one for the travel guides) when he visited North Korea, Rodman revealed which historical figure he would like to meet next.

Hint: He's a giant bearded dude who lives in the sky.

Next stop on Rodman's Tour o' Love: Smurf Village, where he will create diplomatic relations between the blue ones and Gargamel the Evil Wizard.

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