It is always the magic question: Do aliens exist?  And if they do exist, have we had contact with them?  Well, it looks like the US Army just admitted that it is all true.

At our house the television is usually on the History Channel, Discovery or some science channel.  Well, Saturday we were watching TV when a commercial for the US Army came on.  I didn't really pay attention to it, but my son did.

He replayed it and told me to pay close attention.  So I did and it kind of freaked me out.  Check out the commercial below.

Did this guy say that he is proud of his daughter because she is going to be battling aliens the way he did?  The earth is safer?  What the heck is going on?

Now at the end of the commercial it has the hashtag #independenceday so it is very possible that this is a commercial for the movie.  But my question is, this commercial is paid for by the US Army.  Why would they be promoting a movie and more importantly why would they make it seem like they have already battled Aliens?

There are so many questions that arise from this recruitment commercial.  It would be ridiculous to think we are the only ones in the universe, but scary to think they have made it to earth.

Do you think this commercial is just a cool promotion or do you think there is truth behind it?

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