We have a lot of holidays. For some of them, we all get the day off to celebrate. There's massive cookouts, time at the lake, friends and family all gathered together. This isn't one of those, but it's a big day none the less.

Today is Texas Independence Day.

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Texas Has Its Own Independence Day?

Yeah. In case you forgot or you're a transplant from out of state, today (3/2) is Texas Independence Day. It marks the day that the settlers in Texas officially declared their independence from Mexico and it marks the adoption of the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

Does My Boss Know About This?

Hopefully. I don't know your boss. Even if they do know about this, and they know about the history and the importance of the day, it's not one that people get off work for.

Well, some people do.

Who Gets The Day Off For Texas Independence Day?

If your boss has an incredible sense of Texan pride, you might get lucky. It's not an official state holiday, so there's nothing on the books saying you get the day off to remember the Alamo.

Instead, and this is really interesting, it's a partial staffing holiday. So state offices aren't required to be closed, but can have reduced staffing.

That Doesn't Mean You Shouldn't Remember This Day

It's still an important part of history, even if you don't get the day off. Maybe that's something we should petition for in this current election cycle. Get Texas Independence Day made into an official holiday, and you might get my vote.

Either way, if you have the day off or not, happy Texas Independence Day. I hope you have a good one, and remember the Alamo.

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