This story really breaks my heart!  Who in the heck would even think about doing this. The Rogers county sheriff department is on the look out for the person that was involved  with the animal cruelty act to this Labrador. The incident happened over the weekend and the town is in shock. The Labrador named "Jetta" who was 2 years old had just given birth to 9 little pups who turned 4 weeks old on Sunday without their mother. The suspect tied Jetta to the back of a truck with wire and dragged the poor mother lab for more then a mile.

Jetta's legs were broken, legs were snapped, and her skin was shredded and torn! The person who committed this crime has not been found . Rogers County has a reward a reward of $10,000 for Jetta's Murder!

Here is a picture of the road where Jetta was dragged


I think this person should be sentenced just like as any murder trial.

Whoever did is a freaking SICK-O!


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