Don't leave any of these things in your car when it's freezing. You will be sorry.

Before you lock the door of your car make sure you take these items out of your car. If it is freezing outside there is a good chance these items will get ruined or could even damage your car.

1. Your Phone- If it gets too cold your phone will shut off. The cold could affect your phone's battery as well.

2. Soda or Beer- They are mostly water, which expands when it freezes. So they can explode and get all over your car.

3. Canned food- Just like soda... the water can freeze and expand. The seal can break causing the food to spoil and leak all over your car.

4. Musical Instruments, like a guitar. The wood can crack if it's too cold. If that doesn't happen, it will most likely drift out of tune.

5. Medication- Certain drugs can lose their effectiveness if they get too cold.

6. A low gas tank, Keeping your tank more thank half full helps prevent fuel lines from freezing. It's always a good idea to check other fluid such as antifreeze. The cold can affect tire pressure, so you might want to watch that too.

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