Hard to believe people like this exist in the world.

This took place in Denver, and it's truly a despicable act caught on camera. One home installed a doorbell camera, and it's footage captured a dog thief right there in broad daylight.

In the footage, you see a truck fly by the house with a small dog out front. Just as the truck exits the frame, it U-turns, now clearly on a mission.

Within the blink of an eye, the truck stops and a passenger runs out, directly to the small dog. With no hesitation, the guy picks up the dog and sprints back to the truck, then hauls off quickly.

As this is happening, a neighbor across sees the entire thing, but is unfortunately too late. He comes running in as the thief speeds off, and quickly rings the doorbell to alert the family as to what just happened.

As of this writing, neither the thief or the dog have been found, but we'll keep you updated.


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