Following an internet-spurring diss track from Pusha-T, Drake confirmed on his double album, Scorpion, last Friday (June 29) that he had indeed secretly fathered a son. But what if, unbeknownst to his legions of listeners, he actually revealed the news months ago, and via one of his biggest hits this year?

According to a fan theory that's been making the rounds online, the 34-year-old rapper may have folded a subtle nod to his new baby into the lyrics of "God's Plan," which was released all the way back in January. One of the track's most quotable lines comes about midway through, in the second verse, when Drake unapologetically proclaims, "I only love my bed and my momma I'm sorry." Upon first listen, it seems as if Drake is merely stating, quite relatably, that he loves sleep and his mom, but Twitter users are now speculating that Drake could be saying "Mahbed," not "my bed," which is reportedly the middle name of his son.

It is entirely possible that Drake does, in fact, love his bed enough to rap about it in a song, but a reference to his literal child would make more sense. (It's less clear why he's referring to him specifically by his middle name. Perhaps simply because it makes for a clever — and discreet — double entendre.)

Of course, neither Drake or the alleged mother of his child, Sophie Brussaux, have confirmed their son's name, so at this point it's strictly a theory. But if true, hats off to you, Drake! You fooled us all.

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