I couldn't believe my eyes when I read about the dangerous sexual behavior that this guy is taking part in. It disgusts me that this guy is doing this to women. I think this goes to show that there are sick people in this world. When dating, always make sure that you are using protection during sex.  Here's the message that was sent to me.

I have a friend (who happens to be my roommate) who admitted something disturbing to me the other night. We had been out partying at the club and a friend’s house. He was wasted and told me that he has had gonnorea  for almost a year and hasn’t gone to the doctor.
The messed part is that I introduced him to an old friend that I went to high school with and she really liked him. He started messing around with her a while back and broke her heart be hooking up with several of her friends. At the time, I didn’t know he had the disease or I would have told the girls.
So, now that I know this, I’m wondering if I should kick his ass or report him to the police or something. I don’t even know if it is actually illegal to knowingly sleep with someone when you have a STD. I know that you know a ton of people and was wondering if you have ever heard of something like this before. I’m thinking I should call the cops.

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