The internet is really buzzing about this video right now... Pun fully intended.

A video has gone viral showing a man do something that would make 99% of the world's population squirm at merely the thought. You ever felt that strange itching sensation, like a bug is literally crawling on you, anytime you see or hear about a bug? Well, prepare yourself for that.

A guy in India, who clearly is a beekeeper of sorts, was filmed stuffing literally thousands of bees down his shirt. Apparently, this somehow gives him better access to the honey.

Seriously, I just swatted my leg because it felt like a bug was crawling on me.

Anyways, the story goes that this guy has been at it for 15 years, and now he is 100% immune to bee stings. Doesn't even feel them... What a legend.

You have to see this!



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