Remember friends, what can go wrong usually will.

That's a harsh truth that nearly hit a talk show host in the face. This video comes to us from Australia, where I guess TV people do stupid things for a quick laugh. This, though, could have been dangerously terrible for the host in question.

They were doing a feature where some dude poured liquid nitrogen inside a bottle of coke. I'm no scientist, but I've seen what Mentos do to cokes, so liquid nitrogen has to be much, much worse.

If you agree, we are both right.

One of the guys told one of the co-hosts to "give it a go".

She was reluctant, and rightfully so, but decided to go for it and nearly paid the price. She grabbed the bottle as he poured the nitrogen, then KABAM! It explodes and shoots in the air like a rocket, barely missing the woman's face.

You have to see this!


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