We've all experienced the pain of losing one of our beloved pets.  Maybe you've had a dog that ran off and you couldn't find them, or even worse, you've had a dog stolen right out of your yard.


I don't get how people can actually steal another person's dog!  In my opinion, that is like kidnapping, dog-knapping!  It should be treated the same way!  My dog, Nena, is like my daughter, and I would do anything for her, and God help anyone that would dare to steal her from me because this DJ would turn into Liam Neeson's character in that movie Taken.

Well in those cases where a dog is stolen, rarely do you hear about a happy ending.  Well, there's always an exception, and a Dumas couple found themselves to be that exception.

Lewis and Gloria Pena of Dumas, TX had not 1, but 2 dogs stolen from them 7 years ago.  They found themselves in that situation where they didn't know what to do.  They checked the shelters and pound, and came up empty handed.

Fast forward 7 years, to about 2 weeks ago, when the Pena family got a phone call from the Amarillo Humane Society saying they had 1 of the missing dogs, Macy May.

Pro News 7 reports:

"Apparently, someone wanted to adopt her and my husband said, "Let me discuss this with my wife, " and I told him, "What is there to discuss? She's my dog and I want her back," said Gloria.

You don't often get a happy ending to these kind of stories, but in this case, the planets aligned, and the Pena family was reunited with Macy May after a long 7 year wait.

It's a story of suffering, yet happiness at the end.

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