This has been going on for way too long. Baby formula has been hard to find for quite some time. I have seen moms begging on Facebook to help them locate some. I know we have asked families in other states to be on the lookout.

This is really frustrating because when Similac had its formula recalled many babies had to start using a new formula. I know that my granddaughter had some issues with the new stuff she was using. Her poor little stomach had to get used to the change.

It's scary when you don't know where you can find more formula. When you have to run from store to store. Many stores have started a limit on how many you can purchase until the supply can be replenished.

People on Facebook have come to the rescue a few times. Not just trying to find the formula everyone so desperately needs but thinking outside the box. I am too young to know this but apparently back in the sixties moms had to make their own formula if they were not able to breastfeed.

So this recipe has been making the rounds on the internet. My mom sent it to me from Phoenix. I also had a friend of mine share it on her page as well.


  • 13 oz Pet Evaporated Milk
  • 20 oz water
  • 2 Level Tablespoons of Karo
credit: David James
credit: David James

I mean in a pinch this could work. I would check with your pediatrician beforehand but what I have seen is that many babies grew up on this recipe. Heck, we may check with our pediatrician too because who knows this may even be healthier. There may be a better option than the Karo but it is a start.

I just really hope that this hunt for formula can be over soon. All moms want is what is best for their babies. An added stress of where to get their food is not what is needed in an already hectic time in a new mom's life.

Again this recipe may be an option but only after checking with the pediatrician. They are the only ones who can tell us for sure.

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