It's not news that there is a formula shortage facing Amarillo and all of the US. I have been dealing with this since early February. First, there was a minor shortage but then the Similac recall happened and all hell broke loose.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Babies Need to Eat and Moms are Trying Their Best to Cope

Moms have been desperately finding every way they can possibly find to remedy the situation. Babies have to eat. Nothing makes me madder than people who say why don't you just breastfeed? Trust me that is not always an option.

I do blame the hospital that my daughter was at to give birth. Since it was during Covid I was not allowed to be in the room. They did not work with her like they should have. Like I would have. No, this was not a local hospital. So she tried. She tried for a long while. She tried to pump. It just wasn't in the cards.

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So formula is where we had to turn. The shortage is slowly being worked on. Similac is starting to produce formula again. They just got the go-ahead. Formula is being flown in from other countries. It is just a slow process, especially here in Amarillo.

So what can you do in the meantime? Besides making your own formula? How about turning to social media? Amarillo moms are banding together to make the hunt a little bit easier for other moms. Some moms need specific formula. Some babies need lactose free, some need soy. Every baby is different.

We ran into the problem that when we switched from the Similac that was recalled to another brand my grandbaby had stomach issues for a while. This has not been an easy process.

There is a Facebook group in Amarillo coming together to help the community. It's called Amarillo Baby Formula. As moms go to stores hunting for their own formula they are letting other moms know what is available. They snap a photo of the shelves. They are posting in this group and giving a date and time. This way if you see your formula you make the trip to the store.

It is frustrating to have to go to store after store just to face defeat. So this group is trying to help limit the trips. They are also posting about formulas they have to give. New moms get formula samples and a lot of these are being offered up to other moms in need.

If you need help in finding formula in Amarillo this group is a great place to start. Jump in and post your formula findings too.

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