The Presidential Elections are just weeks away. People using this time to make up their minds on not only who the next president should be but on all the issue on this year's ballots.  But if your mind is already made up, take advantage of early voting.

Monday, October 24th early voting begins in Amarillo.  This will allow people who have already made up their minds miss the huge lines election day.  Early voting will being on Monday and last until Friday, November 4th.

The deadline to get registered to vote was October 11th, so if you did not make the deadline, you will not be able to vote this election.

There are several places to vote.  If you live in Potter County, there are about 16 different locations you can place your vote.  To find the location nearest you, click the button below.

If you live in Randall County, there are about 14 different places you can cast your vote.  You can find the one closest to you by clicking the button below.

And if you have any other questions about the November 8th election, you can call the city secretary's office at 806-378-3014.

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