It is time for mid-term elections!  Your voice can be heard, all you have to do is cast your vote.  Early voting started yesterday and if you need help finding your polling place, we can help.

November 4th is Election Day, but early voting started yesterday and lasts until October 31st.  It can sometimes be a little confusing to find your specified place to vote, so we want to help.  We want to make sure that you cannot use that as an excuse to not vote, lol.

Since the U.S. Supreme Court has enforced the voter ID law, you must remember to bring a valid form of a photo ID.  There are several different forms of ID that you can use like a valid Texas driver's license, a concealed hand gun license, a personal or election identification card issued by DPS, a passport or a military identification card.

Now that you have your ID, it's time to find your place to vote.  If you live in Randall County, here is a link with a list of locations and times for early voting:

And If you live in Potter County, follow this link:

Now if you don't live in either one of those counties and still want to early vote, go here and you can find your polling place.

Remember, you can't make a difference if you don't vote!