We're only one week away from Halloween! If you're scrambling to come up with a costume idea, you might be thinking that the easiest solution would be to buy a costume from the store.

However, if that's just not in your budget or you hate the idea of wasting money on a costume that will be worn once, keep reading!

There are tons of costumes you can make just by searching your home for the right stuff.

Here are 5 ideas that would be super easy to throw together at the last minute and still look great.

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    This can be as simple as you need it to be. Ace bandage makes the best wrapping for your head, but if you don't have any, toilet paper works great, too! To make it stick, a simple spritz of hair spray can take the place of glue.

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    Greek God/Goddess

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    Senior Citizen

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    An Animal

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