The team needs your contribution!

The Amarillo Soccer Academy is currently doing everything they can to raise money to develop a team. If you can't donate any materials or don't feel like giving your money directly to the academy, they have come up with a solution.

Jersey Mike's will be donating 20% of their profits from August 3rd until August 7th to the Amarillo Soccer Academy. The benefit will be going on all day, so you can stop by during lunch or dinner.

Jersey Mike's has subway-style sandwiches, chips, and cookies. It's a great place to grab a quick lunch or take the family for an easy dinner. They are located at 2311 South Georgia near Starbucks and CD Ski.

The Amarillo Soccer Academy was disappointed to learn that they would not be able to practice at the park where they held a soccer camp last week. The president of the academy, Jose Vejar, has been working tirelessly to promote the soccer academy and get the community involved in his dream to create a soccer team for low-income children.

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