Cats may have nine lives, but these two felines have almost as many zeroes in their bank account.

A man in Memphis has left his 4,270-square-foot house and $250,000 to his cats.

Leon Sheppard Jr. specified the money be used to take care of his cats, Frisco and Jake.

Sheppard died last year at the age of 79. His daughter said the family did not want to talk about the matter.

There is one small ray of hope for anyone in Sheppard's family who feels slighted. After Frisco dies, whatever money remains can be given to Sheppard's human family. Jake, however, must be cared for, although he can be removed from the house.

Sheppard is not the first person to make such an outrageous request. Heiress Leona Helmsley infamously left $12 million for her dog when she died.


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