Rihanna Named The Richest Female Musician in the World
I think we would all stand under her umbrella of incredible success. Come on Mr. DJ Mr. DJ Mr. DJ Mr. DJ!!  OKAY, here’s how she became a true icon. Rihanna has banked a $600 million fortune after launching a few profoundly popular businesses in makeup and lingerie, according to Forbes...
Forbes List of Hip Hop’s Richest Revealed – Who is Number One?
When it comes to making money in the hip-hop game, everybody is staring up at Jay-Z’s throne. The 41-year-old rapper and mogul took in $37 million over the past year, making him the highest-earning hip-hop star. The $37 million includes record sales, a 10-year, $150 million deal with Live Nation and part ownership of the New Jersey Nets, among other investments.